How To Play Planning Poker

  • What is Planning Poker?

  • Why is Agilibo’s Planning Poker better?

Planning Poker (Scrum Poker) is basically an estimating technique. To start a poker scrum session, the scrum master reads an agile user story or describes a feature to the estimators. Planning Poker are generally used with ideal days, story points or any other estimating unit in a form of a deck of Planning Poker cards with values like 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40 and 100, which is the recommended sequence.

During the session, the estimators discuss the feature, asking questions to the product owner as needed. When the feature has been fully discussed, each estimator privately selects only one card to represent his or her estimate. When the selection process of every estimator is complete, all cards are then revealed at the same time.

If the same value is selected by all estimators, the value becomes the estimate. If not, the estimators discuss their estimates. The highest and the lowest estimators especially share their reasons. After further discussion, each estimator re selects an estimate card, and all cards are again revealed at the same time. Until consensus is achieved or until the agile estimating and planning of a particular item needs to be deferred until additional information can be acquired, the traditional poker planning process is repeated.

Why is Agilibo’s Planning Poker better?

1. It saves your time.

The traditional Scrum poker process is repeated until consensus is achieved. But Archibo has built an AI within Agilibo which automatically calculates the consensus from the estimated numbers of the participants. No need to play it all day!

2. It saves your money.

Are you willing to buy the estimating cards for 2.50 to 3.50$ from the market to play Scrum poker, and most possibly lose one or two of the cards in couple of days and finally ending up buying another deck of cards? Most importantly, are you willing to take these bunch of cards with you wherever you move?

Archibo has digitized the estimating cards and implemented them into its brand-new product- Agilibo. You can now play scrum poker whenever, wherever with your teammates, and of course, absolutely for free, just by using the Agilibo app, or the web version in your PC.

How do I play Scrum Poker in Agilibo?

Agilibo’s planning poker is much easier to play. Just follow the steps below:

Step 01: Go to and log in to your account

Step 02: Open “Scrum”

Step 03: Click on “Play Scrum Event”

Step 04: Click on “Planning Poker” according to your team

A new tab will appear. Log in to start the session if you are a registered user. If you are not a registered user, or you want someone to play scrum poker with your team who is unregistered to Agilibo, don’t worry. You can do that too. We’ll show you at the end of this text.

Step 05: Fill up “User story description” according to your own plan

Step 06: Type the “Acceptance criteria” according to your plan

Step 07: Fill up the “Description” box to make your plan understandable

Step 08: Check/Uncheck the “Six Attributes of user stories” according to your plan

Step 09: Send the link that has been appeared below to invite the unregistered users to join the scrum poker session

You can see/un-see the “Help tips”. Help tips really help to create the story description.

Step 10: After Discussing and understanding the story, criteria and description, estimate any one of the points

Notice that there is a stopwatch above the screen. It’ll start as soon as you start playing, and stop immediately when no one is left for estimation.

When everyone is finished estimating, a “Statistics box” will appear just below the “Help tips”. This is the result of the Scrum Poker session.

See? That wasn’t hard, was it? You can save the story, play the same scrum event by re-estimating, play new story by clearing estimates, and play loaded story again by clicking on previous stories. You can even change, increase/decrease the points in team settings!


Okay. We promised that we will talk about the procedure of inviting registered/ non registered users into the Scrum poker.

Procedure 02: Just send the link manually to the person you want to join.

When the registered person accepts the invitation or goes to the link he received, he/she will directly join the Session. But when an unregistered person does the same, he/she will see something like this:

Procedure 01: Click on “Invite team members” on the bottom of the page. Then select as much as team members you want from your company. For unregistered users, Type the person’s name and email address. An email with the invitation will automatically be sent to the persons you selected, both registered and unregistered

See? The company Name and ID, Unit Name and ID, team name are already implemented. That’s the beauty of Agilibo. We try to value your important time as much as possible. Now the person just has to type his/her name and join the session. The unregistered person’s name will appear green-colored on the top.

Hope you will have no problem from now on while playing scrum poker. Thank you for Using Agilibo!

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