How To Use Scrum Role

  • What is Scrum Role?

  • How to set up Scrum Role?

Scrum role:

Scrum has three basic roles:

  • product owner

  • scrum master

  • the development team members

These basic roles describe the key responsibilities for those on the Agile Scrum team. Scrum Roles aren’t job titles. This means that any job title can perform one of the roles. Because, Scrum is all about self-organization and continuous improvement. These three roles are coined as an example of responsibilities and accountability to allow teams to deliver work with immediate effect. Scrum Role also allows teams to take responsibility for how they organize and to keep improving themselves.

The Scrum Role feature helps the user to set up Scrum roles.

For agile transformation, every company needs several Agile teams. We already know that Scrum is a framework that helps these agile teams work together. Agilibo has eased the way to set up scrum team. Here’s how you should use scrum setting-

Step 01: Go to and Log in to your account

Step 02: Click on “Scrum”

Step 03: Open “Scrum Setting”, Scrum Role and Scrum Development Role Will Appear. Click on " Scum Role "

Step 4 : Type Scrum Role Name

Step 5: Click on Save button

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