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About Archibo

IT Consultancy and Services

Archibo GmbH - IT Consultancy & Services believes every client is unique. Hence, we deliver custom solutions to each client.
We are experts in digitalization and agile transformation for end-to-end business solutions. Bridging the gap between business and IT and delivering lean value to your business using the latest tools and technologies is our specialization. Our team consists of a highly trained & certified team of experts backed by 20+ years of experience including the latest Azure Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CE, ECM, BI) solutions. We have provided many custom solutions using Microsoft technologies. We have experience with clients varying from Global Enterprises to SMBs and Start-Ups from many industries across Germany.

It is an integral part of our Digital Transformation capabilities to be flexible and use automation comprehensively to reduce cost and errors. As a result, we ensure incremental quality delivery through frequent clients feedbacks. Our vision is to establish a long, sustainable, and deep relationship with our clients by ensuring confidentiality and be part of their continuous success with maximum commitment and reliability.

Product - Agilibo

It focuses on facilitating distributed teams with Scrum as it would have been in a co-located workspace; only with rich algorithms backing the main theories behind the concept.

The platform intended to be offered will contain Scrum, Scaled Scrum, and Management 3.0 principles that in an aggregate perspective become an inevitable current-day solution to a thousand hurdles faced by agents of Agile Transformation/practitioners. Holistically serving the Scrum Master, Agilibo works to facilitate all important events preached by Scrum experts.


It is the next big tool that aims to alleviate the vacuum that is created due to teams being geographically distributed. Alongside Scrum Masters, Scrum Teams and Agile Coaches are also mutual beneficiaries of Agilibo.

Coupled with regular task management tools (which Agilibo plans to facilitate in its own environment soon), companies can enable themselves to save massive loss of productivity, eventually reflecting in their balance sheet.

Mission & Vision of Archibo

Mission & Vision

Archibo - A next generation one-stop shop for Digital Services & Consultancy

Our Vision

To be a leading global consulting company, focused on leveraging technology to add tangible value for all stakeholders.

Mission of Archibo
Vision of Archibo

Our Mission

To serve our clients through deploying business solutions that address customer challenges and aid in accelerating the achievement of their business vision.


To attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and build a collaborative, merit-based culture, aimed at evolving performers into leaders.

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