Agile Transformation,

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Achieve the ability to consciously shift your thinking when and how the situation requires it.

Why Agile?

In order to understand agile transformation, it is imperative to know what it means to be agile.


An easy representation is “ability to move and think quickly with ease” or “to move in a quick, coordinated fashion. One of the main goals of adopting and transforming to Agile is to produce working, quality software in short, fast increments; also known as continuous delivery. This often requires that teams are able to accept and implement fast, changing requirements.​

How do we help with your transformation?

Start small and let the word spread

Most of the large companies launch change programs as massive efforts. Then again, the most successful introductions of Agile usually start small. Small development companies often begin in IT, where software developers are likely to be familiar with the Agile principles. Then Agile starts spreading to another function, with the original practitioners acting as coaches / Scrum masters.

Destroy the Barriers to Agile Behaviors

We apply all these methods with our homegrown product Agilibo that aids estimation, retrospective, delegation, kudo sharing, skills trading, motivation-spiking and many other tools that are just what you need for your agile transformation.

Agility Changes an Organization's DNA



Parts of an Agile Organization


Adaption of core processes
Establishment of new organization forms



Empowerment of Cross-functional teams
Implementation of Agile roles as Product Owner




Iterative, time-boxed value delivery in Sprint
Continuous prioritization of requirements and tasks in Backlogs


Introduction of new work-space concepts
Usage of collaboration tools such as "Slack"



Sensitization and Qualification via Agile Coaches
Promotion of experience sharing with Agile communities and networks



Collaboration at eye level in Agile teams
Courage for experiments

We focus on the IT solutions, so you can focus on your business.

Find out what we can do for you today!

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