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Agile Transformation,

Project management & Coaching

We support leaders who are ready to radically rethink and shape their business (model) with our experience of more than 5 years of agile transformation. Consequence from the point of view In order to help shape the new, digital age, we combine customer-centered innovations with business impact.

What is Scrum?

SCRUM is a method of project management with an empirical approach, incremental (iterative) and iterative (repetitive) approach. This is the most common project to complete, after a plane to the sky. One of the foundations is the knowledge that available feedback is queried and collected regularly and at shorter intervals. In SCRUM, a three-pillar structure tries to get the complexity management under control. This is not self-explanatory, but only the implementation - efficient project management. The three pillars are: transparency, review and adaptation.

What is Management 3.0?


Management 3.0 is an important perspective for executives in agile and modern organizations.

The role of executives in agile organizations is widespread. A new perspective and development will hardly exceed the management in agile transformations and, as a result, will be implemented even more often than planned.

With "Management 3.0", Jurgen Appel has unveiled a concept for a new systemic leadership style that visualizes organizations as complex social systems and addresses the pressing needs and issues of agile and modern businesses through a variety of concrete practices.

We offer project management based on Scrum and Scrum training, helping your company to work with Agilemethod for better and optimal productivity.

  • We aim at doing the right thing the right way!

  • We have talented & trained change agents under single leadership

  • We start small and finish big. We create role models and pilot teams

  • We motivate and make it interesting! We work on mindset.

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