How To Play Skills Bazar

What is Planning Poker ®?

Tutorial on playing Skills Bazar
Tutorial on How to play Skills Bazar

What is Skills Bazar?

Skills Bazar is a virtual market of skills where members of the same or different teams teach and learn new skills. The concept of Skills Bazar is pretty much equal to real market. People post a small advertisement of they can offer or want to learn, and get in touch with others. Using Skills Bazar, not only can anyone buy or sell skills, but also learn and teach them. As generally in Skills Bazar, teaching skills is often referred to “selling”, and learning is referred to “buying”.


How is Skills Bazar important in Agile working environment?

Adaptation is one of the most important abilities that a development team needs. All the member must have the ability to quickly learn and adapt necessary things. So, in agile working environment, the necessity of skills bazar is needless to say.

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