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1. What is Alias? Why do I need Alias in my profile?

The definition of an alias is a name different than a person’s birth name. Not everyone in your company knows your full name, but knows your nickname, or something about you that makes you known to them. And it makes a great advantage of keeping an alias. Keeping an alias is more like a nickname in social medias.

You are not bound to create an alias in your profile. It’s up to you whether you want to keep an alias or not.


2. Can I retrieve the Profile I deleted?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Your deleted profile is permanently removed from Agilibo server.


3. Can I use the email address of my deleted profile to open a new one?

You cannot open more than one account with your email address in Agilibo. But if your account is deleted permanently, you can open a new account with your email address in Agilibo anytime.


4. How do I change my Password?

You just have to click on “Password reset”. Enter your old password once, then enter your new password twice. It’ll be automatically changed.

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