1. Why can’t I go to “Team settings” to change cards/fields in Planning Poker®, Retrospective and Delegation Poker after playing games?

The function “Team settings” remains inactive until the players clear estimates / votes or re-estimate / vote after saving / not saving story.

So, you need to save your story first, then Click on “Re-estimate / Vote” if you want to play again, or you could just click on “Clear Estimate / Vote” if you’re done playing. Then you can go to Team Settings and set it up the way you like.


2. Why Can’t I directly copy-paste invitation link in Skills Bazaar?

Skills Bazaar doesn’t provide any direct invitation link due to security reason. As Skills Bazaar indirectly visualizes the company’s strength and weakness, getting access with unauthorized invitation in Skills Bazaar might cause some serious inter-departmental problem inside the company, and various important data can be stolen.

3. Why can’t I invite myself to the team I am not in?

You can see the teams your company has. Even make new teams if necessary. But you cannot invite yourself to any team that you’re not in. only the existing member(s) of the team can invite you. 

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