1. What is Planning Poker? How do I play Planning Poker in Agilibo?

Planning Poker (Scrum Poker) is basically an estimating technique. To start a poker scrum session, the scrum master reads an agile user story or describes a feature to the estimators. Planning Poker are generally used with ideal days, story points or any other estimating unit in a form of a deck of Planning Poker cards with values like 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40 and 100, which is the recommended sequence.


Playing Planning poker is really easy, just follow these basic steps:

  • Fill up “User story description” according to your own plan.

  • Type the “Acceptance criteria” according to your plan.

  • Fill up the “Description” box to make your plan understandable.

  • Check/Uncheck the “Six Attributes of user stories” according to your plan.


For better instruction, Click on the “?” icon on the upper right corner of Planning Poker session, or just visit https://www.archibo.de/help-planning-poker


2. Can I invite Non-Registered Users in Playable scrum events (e.g. Planning Poker, Delegation, Retrospective) in Agilibo? If can, then how?

Of course, you can invite guests to your scrum games. Even we want you to invite new others to get them acquainted with the scrum methodology.

Each of the real-time games have a button named “Invite team member”, by clicking which you can see an option for inviting guests. Just write down the email address of the person you want to invite, and the invitation will be sent to his/her email. You can just copy the link given just over “invite team members” as well. But the first process is always safer.


3. What is “My Motivators”? How do I see My teammates’ motivators?

A big confusion among the agile teams has been arising since Agilibo reintroduced My Motivators in the agile activities for them. When you run a company or an agile team that has a specific goal to reach, it is really important to know your teammates better. Knowing your teammates better affects your journey / project. It is better to know your teammates’ motivators, and let them know about yours.

Motivators are those which help you keep your work in pace, such as-

  • Curiosity: I have plenty of things to investigate and to think about

  • Honor: I feel proud that my personal values are reflected in how I work.

  • Acceptance: The people around me approve of what I do and who I am.

  • Mastery: My work challenges my competence but it is still within my abilities.

  • Power: There’s enough room for me to influence what happens around me.

  • Freedom: I am independent of others with my work and my responsibilities.

  • Relatedness: I have good social contacts with the people in my work.

  • Order: There are enough rules and policies for a stable environment.

  • Goal: My purpose in life is reflected in the work that I do.

  • Status: My position is good, and recognized by the people who work with me.


If you’re a registered user, you can see your teammates’ Motivators as well. Just click on “Team members motivators list” and watch your teammates’ motivators anytime, anywhere.


4. How do I create a new team in Agilibo? How do I add members in the team?

Open “My Teams”, then click on “Manage teams”. You’ll see a new page. Click on “Add new team” to create new teams. Adding new teams is easy. Just fill out the necessary information and your team will be created!

  • Click on “Manage team members” to add members to the teams.

  • Once again, a new page will appear. You can add new member, and delete existing members while managing teams.

  • If your company has multiple unassigned employees, you can add them by clicking on “add existing users to the team”.

5. Which ideas should I follow while creating Journey line?

Here are some questions and ideas to consider as topics for creating journey line:

  • What have been the defining moments in your life that have led you to where you are today?

  • Who have been the mentors that have helped you along the way?

  • What have been the lessons you have learned at each pivotal moment in your life and career?


You can also-

  • Use photos from your childhood to enhance your visuals.

  • Divide your story into sections and name them.

  • Use a theme that can be pulled in verbally and visually.

  • You can talk about years of experience and also your hobbies.

  • Make sure you can deliver your Journey Line in less than 15 minutes.


6. How much do we have to pay for using each scrum modules of Agilibo?

Agilibo has made all the modules free for all the users. You just have to register and get free access to all the Scrum Features!

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