You can work with as many teams as you want with Agilibo. Create unlimited Teams and manage your own Agility.

As all of us know, scrum is about efficient tasks’ planning and working in teams, so why not to modernize it? In the Agilibo you can create an unlimited amount of teams for successful workflow and cooperate with them all at the same time or separately. Such feature will appear extremely useful while working on a massive product developing assignments and projects.

Visualize and Manage Dependencies across Teams, Sprints and categorized dependencies.

Managing cross-team dependencies is not an easy task having no visible side of it. But for planning, specialists recommend to come up with the concrete and less-impersonal point for each person in a team. In other cases, the whole workflow will be isolated from outer help, other teams, new and fresh look. So with Agilibo you can visualize and manage dependencies across teams, sprints and categorized.

Planning Poker is the secure, fun way for agile teams to guide sprint planning and build accurate consensus estimates. Play free on desktop or mobile.

This technique is used as a gamified version of planning and estimating of development aims in software development. Now estimating the project has become easier with scrum poker, thus not allowing the first member to set up precedents for the following estimates in comparison with traditional ways. In Agilibo you can play it on your desktop or mobile.

Agile KPIs and Agility Dashboard for Management 

A word without an action won’t change the case, right? Using KPIs for management you can easily monitor goals and assure to meet daily or weekly goals at each stage as well as set up various criteria to check it online on the dashboard. Make it more effective covering these SMART requirements:

-    make your aim specific

-    measure the process

-    realistic attainment

-    is it organization-relevant?

-    set up the time frame. 

Like the Feedback Wall, the Happiness Door really is often just Post-Its with feedback written on them, and, like the Happiness Index, it assumes that people can act as the best gauge of their own happiness level.

If your team is happy, people work much better, stay motivated and maintain more productive towards the project. Therefore, companies apply different methods to measure the level of happiness in the office setting and the employees such as surveys, feedback sessions, etc. Happiness door is a method, which shows feedback faster, just ask the workforce to write down their thoughts on the sticky notes and post it on the wall.

Kudos will not only deliver on a great culture, but also provide you with an ROI you can calculate.

This method stands out as an option to break through or even break down hierarchical limitations and at the same time to get instant feedback from the team. In general, that is some sort of an award given to the person for his contribution to the process. This is a public encouragement which also helps to motivate teammates, temper the team spirit and inspire them for further improvements.

Storytelling is a way to open up team collaboration as you go through change management. There are a million ways you can play Improv Cards, as long as you have fun and open talks!

With the help of such improvisation cards, you can open up people for collaboration and bring them out of their comfort zone. In terms of team building, this will contribute to real communication and engagement as well. There are no limits on how to use them, but keep it creative, spontaneous and fun! By the way, improvisation cards are a nice chance to make a company the whole unit.

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