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we have created specialized Software as a Service (SaaS) called “Agilibo”  which will help you to structure your Agile Transformation.


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A Journey line is usually an exercise that can be used during a kickoff, retrospective or training. It offers a template to capture all the positive and negative events that occurred during a certain period of time.

During your journey (project) you come across various events (good / bad / easy etc.). These events sometimes encourage you or demotivate you, often impacting the outcome of the project. So, at the end when the project is finally done, you might want to keep a record of these events, as it may help you to look back at those experiences. The best way to fetch these experiences at a later event is to have the whole journey during the length of a project recorded via Journey Line.

Visualize and manage dependencies across Teams, Sprints, and categorized dependencies.

Managing cross-team dependencies is a difficult task without having visible or personal interactions. For planning, a greater emphasis is made on direct contact between members (is this right? I am not sure what you mean to say here), and that link can be made through Agilibo.

To guide an agile sprint preparation through the use of Planiac is a secure and fun way to build accurate consensus estimates. Available to be played on desktop or mobile devices. 

The integrating game mechanics of planning and estimating your progress aims in software development is to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. Planiac uses the gamification to simplify estimating a project, break out of stagnant methods, and allow for a more enjoyable experience. Planiac can be played on a desktop or laptop computer along with on your smart phone. 

Planning Poker ® is a registered trademark of Mountain Goat Software, LLC

In the world of management, Delegation means sharing authority and the associated responsibility from a superior to one or more subordinates.  In short, delegation is the event of a manager assigning tasks to his team.


Agilibo offers a real-time Delegation Poker simulator, through which you can play Delegation Poker on your desktop or laptop computer and mobile device anywhere, anytime with membership. Features include digitally implemented cards, guest invitations, accurate consensuses, and a virtual delegation board.

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More than just a Feedback Wall, the Happiness Door provides a service for advice and can act as a source of motivation. 

Team members are more productive when positively motivated, supported, and given the access to seek advice when needed. Many companies apply different methods to measure the level of satisfaction and enjoyment in an office setting, such as through descriptive surveys and extensive feedback sessions. Agilibo’s Happiness Door provides a solution to maintaining the projected happiness level by a modernized and swifter method. 

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Kudos will not only deliver on a great culture, but also provide you with an ROI you can calculate.

Giving kudos is to allocate praise or honour on an achieved goal or project. The Kudo Cards enable team members to break down hierarchical barriers to give instant positive feedback. Encouragement to those contributing to the process helps motivate teammates, invoke their team spirit, and inspire them for further improvements.

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We meet with various events that go remarkably good, or horribly wrong during any particular project / sprint. We do not want the same mistakes happening twice for the upcoming projects.

Retrospective means looking back at events that took place, or works that were produced in the past. An Agile retrospective is a meeting held at the end of any sprint/project. During the retrospective, the team reflects on what happened during the sprint and identifies actions for improvement going forward.

Your agile team can now play retrospective in Agilibo’s official website and android app.

Skills Bazar is a virtual market of skills where members of the same or different teams teach and learn new skills.

he concept of Skills Bazaar is pretty much equal to real market. People post a small advertisement of they can offer or want to learn, and get in touch with others. Using skills bazaar, not only can anyone buy or sell skills, but also learn and teach them. As generally in Skills Bazaar, teaching Skills is often referred to “selling”, and learning is referred to “buying”.

Knowing your teammates better is inevitable in the process of effective team management. It affects the performance of your journey / project. Knowing your teammates’ motivators, and letting them know about yours is the perfect way.

Different motivators work differently on different people- from most to least important. To create a traditional Motivator line you generally use Flipchart sheets, Sticky notes, Markers and pens, Masking tape for sticking up the result and valuable time of yours. Agilibo offers moving motivators in a completely digitized way. The hassle of keeping paper cards, markers, pens etc. are over. Moving motivator can be played in Journey Line.


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