How To Complete Registration In Agilibo Website

Hello there! Yes you! Agilibo welcomes you.​

In your workplace, not everyone has with the same agility, working style, or taste, so consensus must be reached to attain the goals of the team and for the company. 

Say for example, your team has been assigned to enlist 50 customers for your company within 2 weeks. If your team is agile, you along with your team have to make a plan for the next 14 days, divide the tasks, keep a record, send kudos to them to keep them motivated, play scrum events, keep track of your team members’ journey line and motivators throughout the sprint time (which is 14 days), send and receive happiness notes etc. Now that’s a lot of work, isn’t it?

Agilibo (Archibo’s new product- developed to serve your needs) has made these tasks a lot of easier and user- friendly. You can find and use everything necessary for your company to complete your sprint within time just by using Agilibo.

How do I open an account in Agilibo? And how do my teammates collaborate with me?

Opening an account in Agilibo is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do. Just follow these steps stated below:

  • Step 01: Go to (obviously, where else can you go!)

  • Step 02: Click on “register” in the top right corner.

  • Step 03: A new page (projected below) will appear on your web browser. First fill up the fields which are familiar to you (your first name, last name, email address, password etc.), then we’ll guide you through!

Here comes the tricky part! But don’t worry, It’s as easy as ever. The registration process is divided into 2 parameters. One is for the scrum master, another is for the team members. The only unfamiliar things to you are the company name, unit name, and unit ID.


After step 03, here are the guidelines for a leader/scrum master to register. 

  • Step 04: If you are the leader/scrum master of your team, write down your company’s name (if you do not have any company, write down the name of the organization you work for, or the institution you study in.)

  • Step 05: Are you the leader/scrum master of your team? If you are, you do not have a unit ID yet. So, check “No” on the option. You can make an ID of your unit 

  • Step 06: Create a unit by writing its name down

  • Step 07: Click on “Register”

The above process can be followed only if you are the team leader/scrum master. 

Then, what if you are not a scrum master? What if you are a member of your leader’s precious team?

Following the steps above, the Scrum Master has now registered and can invite his fellow team members to join their team which they created in Agilibo. If you are not the Scrum Master, here is how are you going to register in Agilibo, as well as joining your leader’s team at the same time.


First, follow the first 03 steps that your scrum master followed. (scroll up if you need to re-watch the first 3 steps)

After completing Steps 01-03, proceed with- 

  • Step 04: Write down the company’s name which your team leader used

  • Step 05: Your scrum master has created a unit ID while registering. So, check “Yes” 

  • Step 06: Write down the Unit Name which your Team Leader used

  • Step 07: Click on “Register”

All set! You have successfully registered to Agilibo and Joined your team. See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? Thank you for registering with Agilibo. We look forward to working with you!

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