How To Use Retrospective

Tutorial on using Retrospective
  • Do you meet with events that don't go according to your plan?

  • How do you recollect from your teammates what could be improved upon during your project?

  • What must you do after your agile team’s sprint/project is over?

We meet with various events that go horribly wrong, or remarkably good during any particular project/sprint. We do not want the same mistakes happening twice for the upcoming projects, do we? So, we play Retrospective.

Retrospective means looking back at events that took place, or works that were produced in the past. An Agile retrospective is a meeting held at the end of any sprint/project. During the retrospective,  the team  reflects on what happened during the sprint and identifies actions for improvement going forward .

Agilibo has reintroduced Retrospective in their playable scrum events. Your agile team can now play retrospective in Agilibo’s official website and android app. You just need to follow some procedures, and here they are:

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