How To Use Velocity Progress

What is velocity?​ 


In agile software development, velocity is an often-used capacity planning tool. 

You have high expectations for your Agile Team, so it’s really important for you and your teammates to check the progress of velocity (which story took more time than estimated, which sprint time was not enough, when did the velocity increase/decrease etc.).

Archibo has modernized velocity progress in their latest product- Agilibo. After each sprint, you and your teammates can check velocity progress in Agilibo.

Here are the steps to check velocity progress of your team:

  • Step 01: Go to and log into your account

  • Step 02: Open “Scrum” by clicking on it

  • Step 03: Click on “Velocity Progress”

  • Step 04: If your Company has multiple teams, Search and find your team and click on your team’s “Velocity Progress”

And your work is done! You can check your team’s velocity in Scrum Delivery KPI, and a graphic chart. You can leave velocity progress window anytime you want.

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