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We are an IT Services and Consultancy firm bringing to you Software Development & Consultancy, Digitalisation and our own product - Agilibo that aims to aid Agile Transformation.

Team developing software

Services at a glance

Software Development & Consultancy

If you have an idea about how you would like to disrupt an industry, we are eager to know how and why. Let us handle the part about guiding you how this can be best achieved.​ We cover the following:

  • Product Discovery and Design​​

  • Development​

  • Improvements​​

  • Web and Mobile Development​

Software Development & Consultancy


Digital transformation, widely known as "Digitalisation", offers many scopes for your business growth keeping focus on business profitably. In order to seize your chances and minimise risks in the long term, we analyse your status quo and show you your potential. We devise a strategy for a suitable and quickly implementable e-commerce platform, keeping your requirements at the heart of our plans.​

Agile Transformation

Practicing Agile is a collective effort and a successful Agile transition is a complex, long-term process. Agility requires methodical know-hows as well as agile principles and values, which are respected and lived by all concerned. Ideally, this starts at the top: Only when the changed attitude in leadership style becomes tangible and visible can the organizational culture develop holistically.

Agile Transformation

Quotes to live by

Abstract Structure

“Never do betas. Never do work that you don’t think is good. You either give your customer something good, or you don’t. There is no ‘try’.”

Jeff Sutherland

Why us?


Use of recognized programming standards as well as automated and manual test procedures


Investment Security

Focus on economic benefits and transfer of all development rights



Experienced software specialists to structure your IT projects


Interdisciplinary expertise leads to innovation and the optimization of your business processes



Tailored software systems on fair terms, with full cost control and exceptional quality



Personal support and consultation with permanent contacts - no support hotlines

We focus on the IT solutions, so you can focus on your business.

Find out what we can do for you today!

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