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Dynamics 365 Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service helps maximize client satisfaction and improve resource productivity for on-site installation, maintenance, and break/fix services. This is applicable only for organizations providing field-based services to their clients.


Informative work orders

A work order provides information about the type of work to be done so that resources and activities can be coordinated accordingly. It contains, among other things, information on the status, the estimated processing time, the priority level and customer details. Furthermore, a work order can be assigned to a specific order type, for example an installation or repair. These categorizations provide technicians with additional materials such as knowledge articles.

Intuitive resource management

The schedule board and the associated map make it possible to plan resources as sensibly as possible. All current jobs, their respective status and the schedules of the sales representatives are displayed. Jobs that can be seen on the map can be simply dragged and dropped into a resource's schedule. Even unforeseen absences of employees can easily be redistributed to available resources.

Automated planning

Urgent tasks are automatically scheduled and distributed to the most appropriate available resources. For example, if a linked IoT sensor on a device at a customer site triggers an alarm, the system creates a new work order. This in turn is assigned to a freelancer with the required qualifications. In addition, Dynamics 365 Field Service includes a number of automated functions to optimize resource planning.

Object tracking

Field work often involves installing or repairing equipment at the customer site. With Dynamics 365 Field Service it is easy to document the history of all objects, e.g. B. when it was installed or when it was repaired. It is also possible to see exactly where an object is located, ie in the case of larger buildings, the floor or room number is given in addition to the address. Inventories in warehouses or company vehicles can also be tracked so that new goods can always be reordered in good time and distributed appropriately.

Simple invoicing

All available details are clearly documented for each work order. After completing a job, project managers can check which products were used and how many hours of work or travel time were calculated. When an order is completed to the satisfaction of the customer, the order status can be changed to trigger detailed invoicing.

Mobile app

The Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App supports technicians before, during and after their work on site. Details about the customer, the object concerned and the job itself help with the preparation. Checklists and 3D models help to get the job done properly. Images, videos or text can be added to a timeline to demonstrate the process. After the order has been completed, customers can digitally sign and work reports can be created. It is even possible to note in the app when a competitor is on site. The mobile app can be used offline and online.


Increase Service Revenue

Prevent warranty leakage, enter new markets, maximize technician productivity, increase upsell/cross-sell opportunities, and speed up cash flow.

Increase Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Automate your field service operations to increase field utilization, eliminate duplicate data, and increase employee satisfaction.

Increase Customer and Partner Satisfaction

Keep your customers and partners happy by opening up multi-channel communication lines, meeting or exceeding SLAs, and providing proactive vs. reactive service.
Reduce Costs
Reduce overstocking costs; improve parts visibility and workforce utilization; reduce administrative overhead; and increase efficiencies.

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