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Application Development

Custom Applications 

application development illustration

As a custom web development company, we provide a professional custom application. Leverage our broad expertise to take your business one level up.


Our custom web developers have facilitated decision-making processes for businesses. We have improved the business services, stimulated the collaboration, and automated the business processes to a greater extent by offering solutions at premium rates and price tags worth quality. 

Why Integrate Custom Applications Development:

  1. Building on Your Vision 

  2. Boost Business Efficiency 

  3. Enhance Business Agility 

  4. Scale up Applications 

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Application Modernization 

Classic to Model/Component driven Application 

Our goal for an application modernization project is to create new business value from existing apps and gain more alertness, mitigate risk, and lower total cost of running app. 

Still Operating Old Apps?

Get in touch for innovative approaches for application modernization 

Archibo realizes less is more on all counts, driving optimum performance with existing resources while providing innovative solutions that extend the life of legacy applications. We eliminate non-performing systems and obsolete platforms to give way to new ones. 

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Application Maintenance 

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If you want to further scale your project, implement new features, or update legacy code with modern technologies, our Customer Care department is ready to help. Our application maintenance & support services have been created to improve and extend the lifetime of your solution. 

Application Management Services 

In the current era, applications have come to become an integral part of how brands work by communicating, delivering contents as well as undertaking many other functions. This necessitates that the apps work flawlessly and provide a quality experience to the user every single time. Application Management Services do just that. They help manage and monitor your application. 

application management illustration
application management illustration

The Application Management Team at Archibo takes up the responsibility of ensuring that these apps are always exceeding performance expectations, while managing and releasing patches, bug fixes and enhancements to ensure tremendous results and undisputed working. 

Cloud Application 

Build our own Web App using our Cloud Computing services We have development team for your cloud software and web development also known as on-demand computing. 

Our competent industry and technology expertise helps our clients to experience a seamless journey with improved IT responsiveness, better resource utilization and immense scalability for new business horizons. Our cloud software development services boost economic flexibility and eliminate all sorts of complexity thus driving maximum business value. 

cloud application illustration

Nowadays businesses are being operated largely through internet as nearly everything is on the web. With Archibo and its cloud-based application development solutions, you can empower the management as well as the employees to perform better. 

  • Optimize resources, scale up infrastructure, and manage IT systems effectively

  • Enable employees to work collaboratively on diverse platforms anytime and anywhere 

  • Reduce investment costs and utilize existing systems efficiently 

  • Transform into an agile business center and an expanding business hub 

Application Integration 

Enable the sharing of processes and business data among a wide range of applications in an organization.  


Application integration is the process of making your applications communicate with each other by exchanging data and enabling the services they offer. Application integration is fundamental to your digital transformation strategy because when your applications are integrated and communicating with one another, your business can operate in new and innovative ways. 

application integration illustration
application integration illustration

Reduce Operation Cost and Enhance ROI with Application Integration Solutions


Our Application Integration Services provide efficient and cost-effective methodologies to assimilate heterogeneous enterprise IT landscape, eliminating the need for radical changes to the existing IT infrastructure and data structures. This translates into more manageable and streamlined organizational processes, thereby increasing the stability, scalability, and performance of the system as a whole. 

We have adequate expertise in integrating applications running on various platforms including Windows, LAMP, cloud, mobile, third-party software, and middle tiers. 

We focus on the IT solutions, so you can focus on your business.

Find out what we can do for you today!

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