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Dynamics 365 Marketing

The marketing module helps you pool all your customer information and implement and evaluate marketing campaigns efficiently. With the help of analysis and reporting functionalities, you can measure the success of previous marketing activities, assess customer preferences, plan and initiate new campaigns. Using the bulk import of data, automatic removal of duplicates and tracking of opt-ins/opt-outs, significantly increases the efficiency of your campaigns. This CRM marketing module allows you to systematically measure marketing performance as well as minimize campaign costs.


Email Marketing

Customizable email templates help you expand your digital messaging options. Customer contact tracking allows you to create automated campaigns with personalized email messages, tracking activities and workflows via drag and drop. Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you send the right messages at the right time.

Interactive Customer Journeys

Use Dynamics 365 Marketing to create automated, multi-level, multi-channel customer journeys and win over contacts with valuable information, consistent interactions, personal relationships, and a superior customer experience. Each customer journey and its individual elements can be tracked, analyzed, allowing you to adapt your content and strategies accordingly.

Customized landing pages and web forms 

Use the customizable web page features to create landing pages, online forms, event websites, and other tools for online interaction with your customers. This can be done either by using a Dynamics 365 portal or by using your own website or content management system.

Event Management

Dynamics 365 Marketing's event management features support you from the initial planning, publishing and advertising all the way to attendee registration, webinar streaming, analytics and lead generation. Create your event in the system and add all the information you need to plan, publish, promote and analyze it.

Lead Scoring

Automated lead scoring rules let you easily identify your most relevant leads based on customer contact histories. Rank your potential customers on a scale to define their priority for sales.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

You can add so-called Lead Gen Forms to LinkedIn ads. When a LinkedIn member clicks on the Call-To-Action button in such a LinkedIn ad, the form automatically includes their contact and profile information. Connect Dynamics 365 Marketing to LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to easily manage your leads.

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