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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration 

Experience has shown that small and medium-sized companies often ask themselves whether the step into the cloud is necessary and worthwhile. Therefore, here is a brief overview of the advantages of a migration to the cloud 

  • Microsoft Azure ensures both the security of your system, and the reliable availability of your system is guaranteed to 99.99% by the Microsoft SLA 

  • Your system becomes agile and scalable as your enterprise data is now securely in the cloud and can be connected to various companies and their ERP systems worldwide 

  • Data and information from your Dynamics 365 system can be accessed and processed worldwide via mobile devices 

  • More flexibility and faster response times through simple and fast online licensing of users

  • Possibility for multilingual, individual tenants per country

  • Save yourself costly in-house on-premises server maintenance and operation  

Migration to Dynamic 365 Made Easy In These Simple Ways

The process of a migration to online alongside Archibo 


An online migration is often a mammoth task, and the actual tasks and efforts are as individual as your company. 


Nevertheless, Archibo has years of experience in online migration of existing Dynamics CRM / 365 solutions. In the following you will find a simplified guideline, how a migration roughly works and what you can expect

  • Review of the existing on-premises system: The goals and main points of the current system and the value-adding activities in your company 

  • Setting up a Test Tenant

  • Migration of the existing Dynamics 365 solution, including customization of business rules and workflows 

  • Master data migration including adjustment and deletion of unnecessary duplicates 

  • Test phase: Validation of functionality and quality management 

  • Migration of Java / TypeScript and other code resources 

  • Development and implementation of necessary interfaces 

  • Test phase with our analysts and your key users 

  • Review by your business and project management 

  • Sprint planning for the further development of your now existing Dynamics 365 Online System 



If you would like to join and venture the step into the clouds, please do not hesitate to contact us, and will gladly advise you regarding your options and a possible project schedule. ​

We focus on the IT solutions, so you can focus on your business.

Find out what we can do for you today!

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