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Agile Transformation

Being productive and maintain top positions requires a lot of knowledge and efforts, though still brings difficulties to overcome. As we all know, the life of the company is responsible for the outcome, and the best way to grasp it is to apply new rules to the game. One of such issues is a transfer to the new scheme, system of inner organization to make the business going and increase the results. Agile transformation is the answer you are looking for. But do not mistake it as an adoption, because acting like agile and living this way are two unlike things.

Wondering why Agile? First of all, it stands for the skills or settings to be able to move and think fast and “calm”. Someone may argue, that strict and mathematical thinking in this sphere is not suitable for flexibility and chaos, but it is not only about it. The main aim is to teach every single stage in software development how to cooperate, thus getting rid of the gap that existed before. Such a workflow gives an opportunity to produce the feedback to the client quickly without quality loss. Every team is set to work in short sprints up to 3-4 weeks and at the end of each one the product owner can synchronize the plan, give remarks for in time enhancements. It is also called a continuous delivery. Agile culture represents a goal, while other frameworks like Kanban, etc. are always the “how to”. Seems to be effective.

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