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Delegation Poker

Delegation Poker has been designed by Jurgen Appelo in Management 3.0.

Delegation is a power tool for managers in Agile environment allowing team growth, empowering them and enabling self-organized team. In non-agile environment we have used RACI Matrix to categorize responsibilities where normally for a task only one person (role) should be accountable. More then one person could be assigned to a task as responsible, consulted or informed. In Agile environment we let the team decide and held the team responsible, consulted or informed and empower them to take decisions. With Delegation we take it one step further and extend it where we define who is responsible for what to what level. With RACI matrix, we usually don’t discuss much about assignments or delegation rather about tasks.

Delegation Poker

With the delegation poker the model is extended. Therefore it’s easier to make clear who’s responsible for what and to what level. Usually if we used the RACI matrix, we haven’t discussed much about the assignments – it was more or less clear. With the delegation poker there are more possibilities and the team is encouraged to discuss with the (project) manager / delegator and to think about their roles and responsibilities.

Advantages of Delegation Poker:

· It makes clear for the team what “delegation” really means: In the RACI Matrix often somebody is “responsible”, but the level of authority to decide is not clear. – Managers EMPOWER the team.

· Team knows exactly what managers expect from them, it makes it easier for them to complete their work to the best of their ability.

· Perception of roles and required tasks become much clearer.

· Everybody feelds more involved because there is a place for reasoning.

You can customize the Delegation Poker with your own sets up cards, upload and let the team use them.

Agilibo offers a set of delegation level and cards. Alternatively you can use also 7 Levels of Delegation Poker offered by Jurgen Appelo.

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