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Softwareentwicklung & Beratung

Bringen Sie Ihr Unternehmen auf neue Höhen der Integration

Archibo kann in mehreren Phasen der Softwareentwicklung helfen. Wir setzen auf Clean Code, Unit Testing, Code Reviews, Continuous Integration und Automation Testing, um qualitativ hochwertige Software zu entwickeln. Archibo hat mit Dutzenden von Unternehmen zusammengearbeitet und verfügt über eine breite Palette von Erfahrungen und kann Ihrem Unternehmen dabei helfen, steil von gut zu großartig zu wachsen.


Technologie, die wir verwenden

Microsoft .NET Web / Windows / Server Programming


Our team includes C # programmers (pronounced C-Sharp programmers) as well as VB programmers, so we're fully focused on your programming needs. We implement software projects focusing on .NET technologies for SMEs, large companies and public institutions.


We use a wide range of key technologies: C #, ASP.NET 5, MVC, Web API, Entity Framework 7, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, TypeScript, VS2017, GIT, MS SQL 2016, T-SQL , Telerik Kendo UI and many more.

Java and Java EE continue to be the first choice for developing business software for practical use. With Java, we can create scalable web applications that integrate perfectly with your IT. 

With JVM (Java Virtual Machine), realized platforms allow a high-performance and secure execution independent of operating system and computer architecture.

Among other things, we use Java in the integration of legacy systems into new applications. This results in systems that are characterized by their robustness, expandability and future-proofing.

By using a PHP Framework, you will end up saving loads of time, stopping the need to produce repetitive code, and you’ll be able to build applications rapidly. 


PHP operates on the Model View Controller (MVC) fundamentals. MVC is an architectural pattern featured in various popular programming languages which breaks apart your domain logic from your user interface. The domain logic is the function that handles information exchange between your database and your user interface. Therefore you’re able to modify the domain logic and most importantly for designers, the user interface separately. This removes a lot of confusion and simplifies the entire developmental process. Once you’re able to make sense of how MVC works, then PHP Frameworks become clearer and easier to use.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is your gateway to professional customer management. From the inquiry of prospective customers over the sales up to the customer service, all work processes can be flexibly represented, comprehensively evaluated and individually controlled.


As a Cloud Solution Provider and Cloud CRM Partner, our focus is on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and networking with other cloud technologies and services. With the online version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can use the full range of functions and reduce your hardware and software investments!

Entwicklung mobiler Anwendungen beinhaltet

Android Apps

Erfahrene Designer

Talentierte Programmierer

Entwickelt mit modernen Technologien

Effektive Kommunikation

Voll funktionsfähige Android-Apps

Designdienste für Android-Apps

Reifer Lieferprozess


Benutzerfreundliches App-Design

Multidisziplinäres Team von Fachleuten

Kundenzentriertes Engagement-Modell

Hohe Qualitätsstandards

Wettbewerbsfähige Preise


Strategische Technologieberatung

Mobile Web Apps

Intuitives UI/UX-Design

Full-Service-Entwicklung von Windows-Apps

Kundenorientiertes Engagement-Modell

Kompetentes technisches Team

Fortgeschrittene bewährte Methoden

Kooperativen Ansatz

Innovation und Agilität

Wir konzentrieren uns auf die IT-Lösungen, damit Sie sich auf Ihr Geschäft konzentrieren können.

Finden Sie noch heute heraus, was wir für Sie tun können!

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