How To Use Happiness Door

  • Would you like more joy in your meetings?

  • Do you need faster feedback in your workshops?

  • Are you looking for a way to engage an audience?

  • How do you know if your team is happy?

These 4 questions can lead to only one answer- The Happiness Door, exclusively brought to you by Agilibo (a product of Archibo).

As a manager, or entrepreneur, you want to maintain a happy workforce. Employee engagement speeds up when your team is happy. We love to see people happy. The world is definitely a richer place when we’re happier. There are lots of companies that measure the happiness of their employees. Companies are now correlating happiness with improved engagement and productivity. Archibo’s new product- developed to serve your needs; Agilibo brings you a bundle of functions of which Happiness Door suits just the purpose for you!

There are various ways to measure employee happiness. Methods, such as surveys, indexes and regular feedback sessions, are commonly used, but sometimes these can also have an opposite effect. It can even destroy motivation, as they can give the impression that the feedback is about the greatness of the company, not the happiness of the employee, in which case, you’ll rarely get honest feedback and that’s what you essentially need if you want to create a happier workplace.

The Happiness Door in our Agilibo is a mix of an agile practice called the Feedback Wall and the Happiness Index. Using Agilibo, ask your workforce, team or audience, to consider how satisfied they were during one particular session or meeting, or what their thoughts are on a particular topic or project. Ask them to note down their feedback on a post-it note and to stick it on the Happiness Door.


The Happiness Door is usually placed in an easily visible space where people are encouraged to give feedback in several parameters such as things that make them happy, sad or annoyed; things that make them motivated, encouraged and what not.

Agillibo has taken up the Happiness Door, have used other types of feedback to measure happiness and engagement, such as client emails, photos, they have even drawn cartoons!

The Happiness Door combines team collaboration, employee engagement and open and honest feedback. Like the Feedback Wall, the Happiness Door is often comprised of Post-It notes with feedback written on them Like the Happiness Index it assumes that people can act as the best gauge of their own happiness levels. 

Now that you are familiar with Agilibo's Happiness Door, It is high time we showed you how to use it.Just follow the steps below, and it'll all be easy peasy as lemon squeezy!

  • Step 01: Go to and log in to your account

  • Step 02: Open “Agile Activities”

  • Step 03: Click on Happiness Door

  • Step 04: You’ll find a new page. Click on “Post a sticky note +”

  • Step 05: Check any of the three pictures of the sun, they represent your feelings

  • Step 06: Write according to your feelings, keep it as short as possible. You cannot skip the writing part. Remember, Happiness Door is all about feedbacks. Try and bring positivity to your feedbacks

  • Step 07: Select the event which you’re working on. It can be Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, Daily Call etc. You can select “None” if your event is related to none of the above mentioned 

  • Step 08: Click on “Post it” 

There you go! You’ve successfully posted your first Happiness Note. Told you this would be easy! Thanks for staying with Agilibo. Cheers!

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